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My brother saved this document and everytime he gets angry at our neighbours for being loud he prints it to their wireless printer and you can hear the wife shout “Why the fuck would you print this AGAIN?!” to her son.

(laughing out loud for sheer joy chicken

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Courtesy of mashable - the awesome sketches from the founder of digital and interactive firm A Brand New Way, Patrick Ashamalla

Now i’m a massive fan of infographics, but this is just another level. When Comics and Infographics combine and form something beautiful….

Why “douchebag” is an awesome insult:





When you call someone a douchebag, what you’re literally saying to them is,

“You think you’re so great, but your existence is actually totally unnecessary and your main function is probably toxic. Also you shouldn’t be allowed near anyone’s genitalia.”

I never thought about it this way before. 

this is why i use it so much

This is exactly why it’s my favorite insult.

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The Best Kickstarter Projects Ever - Star Wars. BOOM.

Hey. Ever fancied contributing to raising gazzilions of dollars to create a Death Star? Well now you can - BOOM! Kickstarter project for a Death Star. Stretch goal 540 gagillion dollars.

No, you’re not interested in joining the Soemthing Something Dark Side because you’re a good guy? So you must have wanted to protect the masses from a Death Star with your own Rebel Alliance X-Wing, but you’re a bit short of cashish? BOOM. Fund this little project for a whole squadron!